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FEATURE NO. 1 – Voltage Improvement and Stability

Improves and stabilizes the voltage supplied to the load, thereby minimizing waste and damage, resulting in energy savings, improved production, and increased equipment efficiency, and longevity.
Voltage Improvement & Stability

ElectroFlow Standard Feature NO. 1

The Solution – ElectroFlow offers:
  • Real-time voltage improvement, and stability.
  • Energy Savings (KW/KVA, KWH).
  • Parallel-Connection, makes it fail-safe.
  • Modular-Configuration, makes it expandable.
Unlike UPS, SPS, AVR, and voltage stabilizers that:
  • Waste energy.
  • Connect in series.
  • Generate harmonics.
  • Have limited fixed sizes, hence not expandable, and are bulky and expensive.
Voltage Problems - Over Voltage, Under Voltage, and voltage imbalance cause the following problems:
  • Overheating of motors lead to insulation breakdown.
  • Imbalanced currents.
  • Negative voltage sequence.
  • Motor bearings failure.
  • Speed variation in motors.
  • Reduced production quality.
  • Reduced motor efficiency.
Voltage Imbalance Temperature Rise Energy Waste
5% 50% 35%
4% 32% 25%
3% 18% 15%

If we have imbalanced voltages between the phases (single phase loads are most of the problem), you can expect, depending on the stability of the supply voltage from the utility company and plant conditions, voltage imbalance.  If we have a 5% imbalance in the voltage, according to NEMA, this can cause a 50% increase in motor temperatures (2 * UV2).  This causes heat dissipation which increases KWD and over time KWH.
If we assume the same 5% imbalanced voltage condition and a motor with a horsepower rating of 10, the de-rated real/effective horsepower would be 7.0-7.5 HP.

And More

Excess Temperature Rise in Motors Reduced life of Motors
10˚C 50%
20˚C 75%