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Saving Energy System

Saving Energy System

Its the only internationally renowned 11 in 1 integrated system, with 6 Exclusive Features, in the world! It is state-of-the-art and culmination of nearly 40 years of innovation can be used in existing, to-be-built, and/or new buildings.

There is no similar product anywhere in the world!

  • It is an internationally well-known gadget in energy saving, and power conditioning system
  • Guaranteed and proven performance, with satisfied customers in 112 countries worldwide.
  • The only integrated 11-in-1 system in the world
  • Versatile, and available for any three-phase voltages from 208 V to 345 KV.
  • Different load sizes, ranging from 100KW to 3,100 MW.
  • Awarded with all of the major International Certifications.

Saving Energy System Benefits:

Saving Energy System offers savings of up to 34%; while it improves and stabilizes voltage, balances the three-phase currents, mitigates harmonics (effectively recycling energy waste), improves power factor up to 100%, filters surges/transients, reduces losses, and releases balanced KVA capacity.

Saving Energy System power quality enhancement protects and increases longevity of equipment and machinery, resulting in reduced overhead, maintenance, and downtime.

It is certified as Environmental-Friendly!





General Electric (GE)

".....Since the full implementation of your ElectroFlow(tm) System for Power Quality and Energy Conservation, we have noted the following: 1)Reduction of Harmonics (THD) caused by DC Motors. 2)Reduction of voltage fluctuations. 3)Reduction of our per unit energy cost. We are very pleased with the ElectroFlow System's performance and are certain about its technology and capability in improving energy efficiency."

William Kwok
General Electric (GE)

Corporate Property Group, Johnson Controls

....we at Johnson Controls would like to continue working with Electenergy Technologies Inc., regarding ElectroFlow for any power quality and energy saving needs on existing, and future projects and upgrades..."

Kenneth Layman
Program Manager / Corporate Property Group, Johnson Controls


We observed monthly savings of about 10.8% (in terms of kwh per production ton), even with our 12.7% increase in our output tonnage using ElectroFlow."

Charlie Nelson
Plant Engineer / HEINZ Co

Majan Electricity Company

...We have verified and confirm ElectroFlow Real Power (KW & Kwh) savings of 23%, with voltage stability within +/-2%, harmonics mitigation, and balanced capacity releasing of 57%....

Ghazi Hamad Al-Ghathi
Distribution Manager / Majan Electricity Company

Coca-Cola Company

.....We would like to thank you for the tremendously excellent job you Company and ElectroFlow(tm) has done for Coca-Cola. All that you have stated regarding improvement and stabilization of Voltage, Three-Phase Balancing, protection against Surges and Transients, Filtering harmonics and power factor of 98% have been achieved by the system. We have achieved a payback of 1.17 years. Thank you very much for introducing ElectroFlow to our company and we are currently planning to implement this system in all of our other plants...

Rolondo C. Constantino
PEE Senior Electrical Engineer / Coca-Cola