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FEATURE NO. 10 – Phase Loss Synthesis

Unique to ElectroFlow, in the instance of a phase loss, The system can quickly detect and synthesize the lost phase continuously and indefinitely, Maintaining the supply of power, Eliminate loss of valuable production time, Eleminate damage to equipment.

Phase Synthesis Exclusive ElectroFlow Feature NO. 10 РOptional

No other device in the world can offer this Feature!
The Solution - ElectroFlow offers:
  • Phase-loss detection, and synthesis system.
  • Makes the lost phase from the other two phases.
  • Sustains voltage supply to the load continuously.
  • Virtually NO DOWNTIME!
Phase-loss causes the following problems:
  • Imbalanced operation of three phase motors, resulting in insulation breakdown and destruction.
  • Increased downtime.
  • Loss of production.
  • Major maintenance and replacement capital requirement.