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FEATURE NO. 2 – Three – Phase Balancing

Real-time reduction of phase current. Balancing of load current over the three phases. Reducing negative voltage sequence and circulating currents. Energy savings and reduced equipment maintenance and failure.
Three Phase Balancing

Exclusive ElectroFlow Standard Feature #2

No other device in the world can offer this Feature!
The Solution - ElectroFlow offers:
  • Real-time phase balancing, based on X/R.
  • Energy savings (KW/ KVA, and KWH).

3 PHASE imbalanced currents causes the following problems:

  • Negative Voltage Sequence.
  • Circulating currents.
  • Increased current in neutral conductor.
  • Increased Neutral-to-Ground voltage.
  • Overheating of motors – insulation breakdown.
  • Reduced motor efficiency.
  • Motor bearings failure.
  • Increased maintenance of equipment and machinery.
  • Wasted energy / higher electric bills – KWD and KWH.
  • Wasted investment and operation capital.