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FEATURE NO. 3 – Surge and Transient Suppression

Shields against an infinite number of surges, transients, and spikes. Protecting your investment in plant and equipment, while saving money.

Surge and Transient Suppression ElectroFlow Standard Feature no. 3

The Solution - ElectroFlow offers:
  • Infinite response to Surges and Transients,
  • Saves energy.
  • Provides status indication, using SDF.
Unlike MOV’s, Zener’s, and other surge suppressers that:
  • Have limited Joules/sec. capacity.
  • Re-channel the energy to Ground.
  • They have no status indicators.

Surges and transients cause the following problems:

  • Increase maintenance and downtime.
  • Reduce lifetime of equipment.
  • Cause malfunctions in computers.
  • Create false data in computers.
  • Erase data in computer memory.
  • Result in hardware damage.
  • Cause damage to insulation in motors.
  • Cause nuisance tripping of VFD’s.
  • Wasted energy (KW/ KVA, and KWH).