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FEATURE NO. 5 – Power Factor Improvement

Optimizes system powers factor to a nominal 95% – 100%, at a fraction of standard capacitor bank. Without the damaging effects of capacitors!
The Solution - ElectroFlow offers:
  • Power factor of up to 100%, without capacitors’ side-effects.
  • Energy Savings (KW/KVA, KWH).
  • Self Diagnostic Feature (SDF).

Low Power Factor (P.F.) causes the following problems:

  • Increased line losses – I2R.
  • Reduced system efficiency (KW).
  • Wasted energy / higher electric bills – KWD & KWH.
  • Wasted investment and operation capital.
  • Wasted generation capacity (KVA).
  • Wasted distribution / transformer capacity (KVA).
  • Wasted system capacity (KVA).
  • Increased maximum demand (KVA) and related charges.
  • Possible power factor charges.
  • Increased Maintenance of equipment and machinery.

Power Factor Improvement ElectroFlow Standard Feature no. 5

Capacitors-PFCC’s causes the following problems:
  • Over-voltage, unregulated supply.
  • Susceptibility to surges, and transients – reduced Z.
  • Capacitor cell failure.
  • No cell-failure protection/monitoring.
  • Harmonics magnification.
  • Resonance and overheating.
  • “Ringing” effect during capacitor charging – oscillation.
  • Leading power factor in low load, and no load conditions.
  • Increased torque and KW, based on percentage loading.