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FEATURE NO. 6 – Reducing Losses & Releasing KVA Capacity

It effectively reduces all types of losses. Minimizing all of the three Powers with balance; Apparent Power (KVA), Real Power (KW), Reactive Power (KVAR). Allowing load expansion. Without increasing the size of; Transformer(s), Switchgear(s), Cables.

Reduces losses & freeing Capacity ElectroFlow Standard Feature no. 6

Unlike Capacitors - PFCC’s adverse side-effects ...
The Solution - ElectroFlow offers:
  • Reduction of losses,
  • Energy savings (KW & Kwh),
  • Balanced-capacity(KVA) release.
  • No capacitors’ adverse side effects.
  • Excellent R.O.I & Payback.

Wasted energy(Kw & Kwh) , and Capacity:

  • Losses result in energy waste (KW & Kwh)
  • Additional load requires an increase in supply size.
  • Additional load requires larger disconnecting means.
  • Additional load requires higher rated protecting devices.
  • Cable/bus ampacity must be rated higher than necessary.
  • More space required for additional equipment.
  • Unnecessary capital expenditure for such wasted KVA capacity.