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FEATURE NO. 7 – Brownout Protection

Maintains and increases voltage in real-time. Supplied by the utility company, even by as much as +/-20%, or during low voltage condition.

Brownout Protection ElectroFlow Feature no. 7 - Optional

The Solution - ElectroFlow offers:
  • Real-time voltage improvement and stability (+/- 2%, 3%, or 5%).
  • Energy Savings (KW/ KVA, and KWh).
  • Parallel-Connection, makes it fail-safe.
  • Modular-Configuration, makes it expandable.
Unlike UPS, SPS, AVR, and voltage stabilizers that:
  • Waste energy.
  • Connect in series.
  • Generate harmonics.
  • Have limited fixed sizes and are not expandable.
  • Are bulky and expensive.

Brownout causes the following problems:

  • Temporary low line voltage.
  • Shutdowns.
  • Loss of microprocessor memory.
  • Loss of control.
  • Overheating of motors-insulation breakdown.
  • Protective devices tripping.
  • Speed variation.
  • Reduced motor torque, leading to stalling.
  • Increased maintenance and downtime.
  • Increased operating expenses.